On Productivity

I often see posts that are full of “productivity hacks” or similar tips from successful business people and entrepreneurs. My friend Syed Balkhi just shared his. I should admit something: I have almost no such hacks and I do not focus heavily on my processes and how to streamline them. Now, I do think I’m […]

Inside Jeb Bush’s ‘shock and awe’ campaign launch

Inside Jeb Bush’s ‘shock and awe’ campaign launch

It seems Jeb Bush has been running for president for a while now. Interesting inside take from Politico. It’s just crazy to me that the 2016 election could easily end up being Bush vs. Clinton. Source: Inside Jeb Bush’s ‘shock and awe’ launch – Ben White and Marc Caputo – POLITICO

First Chemex at home

I got a Chemex for Christmas, and this morning I brewed with it for the first time. It’s a six cup Chemex, and it is beautiful. Pour-over coffee is the best way to make coffee, and I’m glad I can now do so at home. I buy beans from either Octane, Seeds, or O’Henry’s here […]

Following a dream

I’ve wanted to own my own business since I was a kid. I never would’ve dreamed the route I’ve actually taken to get to this point. Three times I’ve worked full time for other companies; each is an experience I’ll cherish. But in my heart, I am an entrepreneur. I’ve embraced it — and it’s […]