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  1. Adam W. Warner

    Ha! You spelled “automattic updates” with two “t”s:)

    I couldn’t agree more with you on this. It’s one of the number one most important things any premium provider can do for their customers and their reputation within the community!

  2. Bill Robbins

    My next major undertaking is providing automatic theme updates. I delayed adding this hoping that it would end up as a core technology, but that hasn’t happened and it doesn’t appear to be coming up soon either.

    Another possible way to implement this is with this project on Github. It looks promising, though I haven’t had an opportunity to test it out yet.

    Without an automated way of handling this, themes just don’t get updated. I had request from someone this morning that was using a three year old version of one of our themes. Yikes!

    If the WordPress core eventually does become self-updating, then automatic theme updates will be an even greater necessity.

  3. Elliott Stocks

    Good post, looking forward to the EDD extension !

  4. Dalton

    I use W-Shadow’s classes to provide auto-updates for our plugins and themes, works like a charm!


    We’re also integrating with WooCommerce’s Software Licensing add-on, which wasn’t too hard to set up. I agree, at this point there’s really no excuse not to have this for non-Repo plugins and themes.

  5. Wpspeak

    Yeah, I believe auto update is a must.
    Hate it most of the themes in Themeforest store don’t have this feature yet.

  6. Pippin

    The Software License add-on, which includes complete auto updaters for themes and plugins, is now available: https://easydigitaldownloads.com/extension/software-licensing/

  7. Deliver Automatic Updates for Your WordPress Products | Pippins Plugins

    […] If you’re not convinced that you should be providing automatic upgrades, then I suggest you read Brian Krogsgard’s post on the subject. […]

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