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  1. Pippin

    The link at the bottom of the page is broken, just FYI ;)

  2. Brad Dalton

    I’ve got a series where i’ve used pages. Can i use this plugin on pages?

  3. Sami Keijonen

    This is nice and different idea.

    By the way what is the biggest advantage using PHP class in a plugin? Any tutorial out there.

  4. Rudd

    Hi Krogsgard, thanks for this great plugin. Just give it a try for my new series on building and ecommerce site with WP + WooCommerce.

    1. For site with many different series series (for example, like 20 different series), that means they have to add another 20 categories. Am I right?

    2. I think it’s better to use custom taxonomies, for example “series” taxonomy. So for every different series, we can simply add different term under the “series” taxonomy. Not sure if this is a better solution. Hope to get your response on this idea.

    * I think my first comment was sent to the spam folder *

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