Websites for Design Inpsiration

5 Awesome websites for web design inspiration, tutorials and freebies

Websites for Design Inpsiration

Lately I’ve been really trying to learn more about solid design principles. I’ve never really approached web design in a way that had me starting with images and layered psd files and slicing them into WordPress themes. I’ve always started with the structure and code and filled in the design.

I decided I needed to broaden my horizons and learn a bit from the design aspect. In my quest to find great tips from respected designers I’ve found a few sites that I really enjoy.  Some of theme are for design only, others mix in a little code as well.

Premium Pixels by Orman ClarkPremium Pixels is a project by Orman Clark, a fantastic designer and WordPress theme developer. Orman started PremiumPixels recently to share some of his work, and he is very generous with his talent.  For great freebies that range from brushes and textures to more specific web elements like progress bar designs, check out PremiumPixels.  I promise you’ll be happy you did.

You can follow Orman Clark on Twitter.

Six Revisions by Jacob GubeSix Revisions is a very popular tutorial blog geared toward web designers.  Jacob Gube is the very talented designer that started Six Revisions.  The content ranges from tutorials for things like designing movie posters to full out html coded WordPress themes from the ground up. Six Revisions is a must read for any aspiring web designer.

You can follow Six Revisions on Twitter.

Design InstructDesign Instruct is a sister site to Six Revsions.  Design Instruct doesn’t get into the coding of the tutorials as much, but for outstanding lessons in using Photoshop and Illustrator to create beautiful things for the web, Design Instruct is your friend.

You can follow Design Instruct on Twitter

BrushLoversNot too much is necessary to describe this one.  Brush Lovers is the relatively new project of WebDesigner Depot to share free and inexpensive commercial brushes for photoshop.  If you’re ever looking for that extra touch, or just a way to implement some things a little easier, these brushes will help you. Want to use them in Gimp? You can do that too.

You can follow BrushLovers on Twitter.

Web Design LedgerWeb Design Ledger is another great resource for freebies and quality tutorials that span multiple applications.  It’s a bit more broad brush than my other recommendations. Any given day on WDL you will find new posts covering Typography, photo manipulation, textures, logo design and more.

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There you have it

This is just a short list of places where I feel like I keep ending up glued to the screen wanting to read more.  Have others you think should have made the list? Let me know in the comments.

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