Alabama 2nd Called a “Must Win”

Alabama 2nd Congressional district mapPolitico has a story out highlighting 50 must win House seats for the Democrats to retain control or the Republicans to gain it.  Politico calls this list, ” a roster filled with freshmen who benefited from Barack Obama’s coattails.”  Alabama’s second district race between Democratic freshman incumbent Bobby Bright and GOP challenger Martha Roby has made the list.

Politico details the Alabama race like this:

ALABAMA 2ND DISTRICT: Rep. Bobby Bright has done virtually everything possible to distance himself from national Democrats. But in this Republican-oriented seat challenger Martha Roby is hammering him by citing his vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

The race will definitely be a tough fight for Bright. There is a lot of anti-incumbent sentiment right now, and generic congressional democrats are polling at only 36% nationally.  I assume this is part of why I’ve not seen the word ‘Democrat’ on any campaign material or on his website, and he touts himself in his most recent ad as being simply an, “independent conservative”.  We’ll have to wait and see if distancing himself from the Democratic party is enough to fend off Roby in November.  Sources I’ve seen are all calling it a tossup.

If you live in Alabama’s 2nd district, have you decided?

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