Alabama GOP Sets Tone for November

Alabama GOP billboard
Alabama GOP billboard

The Alabama GOP has put up new billboards in the effort to take over the state legislature in November.  They are staying with the slogan announced in June that says, “136 years is long enough.”  They are asking people on that are sick of, “corruption, wasteful spending and higher taxes by the Democrats” to sign a petition to elect Republicans.

The video on the website starts off with an entertaining bit about how, “in 1874, Hawaii was still ruled by a king. In that same year democrats took control of the Alabama house and senate.”

sidenote: With a quick Wiki of Hawaii politics in 1874, I found that the man pictured in the ad was the second elected king of Hawaii, David Kalākaua.  He was elected that year after his predecessor didn’t name a successor to the throne, and it turns out that the “1874 election was a nasty political campaign in which both candidates resorted to mudslinging and innuendo.”  I guess politics really haven’t changed that much since then… but, I digress.

It also targets democrats for failing to pass ethics reform, raising taxes, and giving themselves 62% pay raises.  You can watch the whole thing below, but I find it interesting that it closes by asking us to, “send Obama, Pelosi, and the corrupt democrats a message… that 136 years is long enough.”  I think the Republicans will  make every effort to link the state and national Democratic parties to capitalize on all the current national dissent.  But will that play stick with Alabama voters that are accustomed to voting for local democrats?

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