Location of Vermilion 380 Oil Rig Explosion

An oil platform has apparently exploded while out of operation south of Vermilion Bay, Louisiana.  See the picture below for the approximate location in comparison to the Deepwater Horizon Spill.

Multiple sources are saying that 13 people were on the platform, and one person is injured.  The Coast Guard is working to put out the fire.  Mariner Energy is the rig owner.  The water depth is approximately 350 feet.  The MSNBC is reporting that the coast guard has informed them that the platform was not a drilling platform.

Location of Vermillion 380 Oil Platform
Approximate Location of Vermilion 380 Oil Platform compared to DeepWater Horizon

6 thoughts on “Location of Vermilion 380 Oil Rig Explosion

  1. I’m an offshore construction consultant and always vigilant with respect to industry incidents. Thanks for posting this news so quickly.

    From another source, I understand that all personnel have been rescued and that only one is injured. The source indicated that the injured person was evacuated to a local hospital.

    With all the recent discussion of ‘deep water’, I thought I should point out that the Vermillion 380 lease block water depth, according to NOAA (Nautical Chart: 1116A), is 59 fathoms (354′).

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