That Pesky First Amendment

Republicans love to tout themselves as constitutional stalwarts… when it’s convenient.  The mosque non-debatable-debate is just my tipping point. Hello! It’s the first amendment!

first amendment

Really? Is this what we’ve come to? This excellent article will tell you why so adamantly protesting this mosque is bad for the United States. It will be used against us by extremists abroad. We must do better to tell the Muslim world that we are against Al Qaeda, not Islam.

Come on GOP. Respect the first amendment. You don’t have to love the idea of a mosque going there, but it has every right to be there.  Imagine what such tolerance says about our belief in “freedom for all” to the rest of the world.  But I guess Newt Gingrich is just fine comparing us to Saudi Arabia instead.  In Newt’s world, New York would just ban new mosques until the Saudis allow churches.  I really hope this is a dog days of summer issue, and Republicans let it go for the November elections, they have far better things to run against the Democrats on.

First Amendment? I thought it started with the one about guns.

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