Why I only use Theme Hybrid

Theme Hybrid

The WordPress theme market is always changing, and it can be quite difficult to differentiate the great developers from just the good ones. There are so many options, it is important to determine what is important to you before you decide to use themes by a given developer. For me, the decision was easy. Well, to be more accurate, I should say I got lucky.

I discovered Justin Tadlock‘s Theme Hybrid a couple of years ago when I was searching for a simple way to build a website. I didn’t even know what WordPress was yet. I started like most people, with an idea for my website. I wanted to build something, and in the process I discovered Hybrid and fell in love with WordPress.

Justin spent years adapting his style and refining his taste in WordPress theme development to create the Hybrid parent theme. Since then he has been adapting his creation even more to make it even more modular, and an actual framework, so that developers can create anything within their own imagination and get all of the benefits of an expertly coded base framework. The result is Hybrid Core.

Fortunately I accidentally fell into this theme community hosted by one of WordPress’s most respected developers. Justin stays on the bleeding edge of WordPress development and writes the best tutorials in the business to describe it all to us laymen.

His support is just as good as his tutorials, and it is the sole cost basis for his framework. Theme Hybrid support is a measly $25 per year. His framework costs nothing.

Because I started tinkering with WordPress via a framework, I’ve been molded by the concept from the beginning. I have no desire to modify any file other than functions.php or style.css. In fact, I tend have an enormous fear of it. Fortunately, I have little reason to ever do so. I can use the enormous flexibility of the framework to make the adjustments I want to make in my theme. This makes updating a cinch.

Justin’s parent themes are not cluttered with complex style. I like this, because I’m a perfectionist regarding the look of my site. Altering a Hybrid theme’s style does not require an enormous amount of css wrangling. However, if you want a plug and go sexy WordPress theme, Theme Hybrid has opportunity for improvement.

Child themes are the pseudo developer’s dream. I can take a piece of code genius and turn it into exactly the theme that I want.

All in all, it’s just hard to get much better.

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