WordPress 3.0 Rocks

I’m officially running WordPress 3.0 and I love all of the new features.  The features just about everyone knows about are drag and drop menus and custom backgrounds.  I’m using both here.  It’s not that this type of thing was tough to do before, but now it is just so darn easy.

I’m also using Justin Tadlock’s new Outline theme on this site, which is great.  I’ve hardly done any customization at all, and am extremely pleased.  I did edit the way the byline and entry-meta are output, adding the post category and comments to the byline and changing the entry-meta to just tags.  I also am not displaying the entry-meta at all on the home page or singular pages, and also set up a custom excerpt length for my homepage.  These adjustments are very simple using filter hooks and the Hybrid theme framework.

Justin’s themes and plugins are really helping me with my projects that I’m working on.  For my upcoming Birmingham culture website, UnderVulcan.com, I debated integrating BuddyPress, but more recently decided to use the upcoming Message Board plugin Justin has been working on.  It is a simple, WordPress integrated, forum plugin.  I just don’t think I need all of the other clutter that comes with BuddyPress.  Once I get the forums set up I’ll attempt to manipulate the plugin to also use it as a classifieds section.  Between having forums, classifieds, (hopefully) great content, and a good looking theme I think Under Vulcan will actually have a chance at success.  The other major feature that is already integrated is a user post section.  Ideally, this will be used for reviews of businesses, restaurants, etc. in the Birmingham area, but people can really write whatever they want to be submitted for approval.

Last but certainly not least, I’d love to integrate a high quality but simple Events plugin (with Widgetized Calendar functionality), which is easier said than done.  In my opinion, the events plugins out there in the WordPress world are really lacking, and unfortunately I don’t have the expertise to do one myself.  I think I’ll just move on without it, because I think with Custom Post Types in WordPress 3.0, surely an awesome Events plugin is on the way.

In all likelihood, I’m sure I’m still months away from launching Under Vulcan, but I am sure getting excited about it.  Hopefully with all the new functionality of WordPress 3.0 and great support from ThemeHybrid I can accomplish my goals.

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