Don’t take WordPress candy from a stranger

WPCandy is good
Get it from WPCandy.com, the best at delivering WordPress news, tutorials, reviews and more. And of course, you can find me there as a contributing author.

What is WPCandy?

Seriously, Ryan Imel took over WPCandy in early 2010 and has spent countless hours building a platform to make WPCandy the premiere source for all things WordPress. In the short time I’ve been writing there, I’ve learned a ton about WordPress, blogging, and delivering content in the best way possible.

In addition to all the written content on WPCandy, you can get coverage of almost all WordCamps, enjoy in depth video interviews with top members of the WordPress community, and catch the WPCandy Podcast.

What’s most impressive about WPCandy?

Other than the awesome daily content of course, it’s free and doesn’t advertise. No ads, affiliate links, or pay to post. Nothing. I know, it seems crazy. Ryan probably spends 30+ hours on that site on a slow week and a handful of us spend a lot of time there too, but there is not a traditional style profit motive. He created the site with the intent of finding new and creative ways to make a news blog sustainable.

One example of how people can contribute back to WPCandy is to buy the WPCandy iPhone app and get your Candy on the go. The team is selling it with a reverse launch concept: it costs $5.99 now for those that want to say “thank you” to WPCandy and will revert to $0.99 after a couple of weeks for everybody else.

You can also check out the WPCandy themefinder, a one stop shop to browse themes, free and premium, by dozens of authors. It’s basically a huge collection of screenshots, and you can use the theme finder interface to sort by colors, columns, flexibility, and whether the theme is free or paid. This area of the site, in a WPCandy subdomain, is the only place where affiliate links are used. This is another way for a WPCandy reader to say, “thank you.”

No matter what new ways Ryan and the GooRoo team (his network behind WPCandy) come up with next to help sustain the site, I’m confident that it will be done with great care and consideration for the foundation of the site and loyalty of its readers.

Delivering the best content

Because WPCandy doesn’t use traditional ads, affiliate links, etc., you can count on the fact that the news is nondiscriminatory, the reviews are honest, and the tutorials are for everyone. Ryan is a developer and Multisite expert, so you can always bank on learning something from his tutorials.

You will also find an increasing number of other influential members of the WordPress community contributing tutorials, editorials, and more. WPCandy has a growing and loyal audience, and is a great place for folks to submit a guest post, or even become a regular contributor.

J.D. Bentley is the lead news editor; and he’s a good writer and objective observer. Others, like myself, also spend lots of time contributing to the daily grind of news stories and occasional reviews and tutorials. I am not an expert of anything really, but I do really enjoy contributing and blogging about WordPress.

So what are you waiting on?

Get over there and find out what’s going on right now with all things WordPress. And keep going back, because it’s there to stay.

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