Google could care less about Reader

How little does Google care about Reader, you ask? This much:


This picture is of the Google settings screen for default “Send to” sites, and Google+ is not an option.

It amazes me that people are trying to integrate the popular RSS service with Google+, and Google is making it such a pain. And don’t even get me started on the fact they have thus far ignored Reader in the design refresh frenzy.

Perhaps it’s a sign that the uber-consumer types rely on RSS more than the rest of the world, but it seems us “power users” (I hate that term) should be shown some more love.

13 thoughts on “Google could care less about Reader

  1. There is currently no (public) API available for Google+ yet. So while operating in the same company the Reader team might have to wait for a stable API like every other 3rd party developer has to.

  2. I hope someday Google will merge Reader into Google+, so I will be able to read my feeds, share and comment them using a single app. It will make our lives much easier.

  3. Really? The saying is “Couldn’t care less”.
    “Could care less” means…. well it means they could care less, meaning they care about it.

    Google+ isn’t integrated into any of Google’s services yet. Chill your beans and wait for them to develop the core functionality of the product before they expand into tying it into their other sites and services.

  4. If I post a new video to youtube – or “like” one – there’s an option to automatically post to Facebook but not (yet) to google+. It’s its own weird beast at this point.

  5. It’s a pity that google ignores reader 🙁

    Anyway, I had to create an chrome extension for that (sorry, shameless self promotion), you can check it out here

    It’s really tricky to make this work, hope google release an API for G+ someday

  6. The Android app for Google Reader received a complete design refresh just a few days ago… hopefully that means Google is still committed to Reader.

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