chromedeck is so fail

New Chromedeck is so fail

chromedeck is so fail

The new Chromedeck makes me want to stab my monitor.

Here is a short list of my complaints:

Less important, but annoying,


  • It makes my eyes bleed.
  • The names are too bold and too prominent.
  • The blue is too blue.
  • Hashtags and handles are confusing because they’re the same color.

More importantly,


  • It takes more clicks to do everything.
  1. Example: See what tweet was in reply to
  2. Example: Report someone for spam
  3. Example: Go back from anywhere now requires actually clicking ‘Back to xyz’
  • The modal boxes are so fail! Why did they kill a good thing with the flyouts?
  1. Example: if my screen resolution isn’t basically full size on a 13″ monitor, I can’t get to the “x” to close the damn thing on a profile page (see picture above). It won’t let me scroll the modal box vertically to get out of it. Until I realized it was because it couldn’t handle my smaller screen resolution, I was closing the app every time. Call me stupid. But users are stupid. Chromedeck is fail.
  2. Example: In general I can’t “click out” of a modal box. I always have to find the close button. Idiotic.
  • I can’t scroll left to right between columns. I have to click that stupid pagination thing.
  • Because columns won’t scroll horizontally, I can’t use the space made available on my screen at in-between column widths.

There are likely more things, but this is a short list of what I constantly notice with the new app.

Did anyone review this product before launch, or is Twitter drying to drive me to yet-another-third-party?

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