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Quit waiting and ship some code

ship code

This is a message I need for myself:

  • You may not be the most sought after theme designer.
  • You may not shatter minds with the next CSS breakthrough.
  • You may not know every WordPress function.
  • You may not extend WordPress to its limits.
  • You may not make everything sexy with jQuery.
  • You may not know every SEO trick.
  • You may not master responsive design.
  • You may not be a security expert.
  • You may not write world class PHP.
  • You may not always follow best practices.
  • You will not be bug free.

So quit waiting until you’re perfect because you never will be.

Ship some damn code.

16 thoughts on “Quit waiting and ship some code

  1. Chris Garret once told me to launch at 70%. That’s one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard.

    Because my 70%? Is totally someone else’s 110%.

    Everyone is too hard on their own work – code, design, and yeah… even quilts. Close enough and done is waaaay better than perfect and never finished.

    1. Thanks for the comment and tweet. I remember Matt’s post well. I’ve tried to focus on iteration rather than perfection ever since. It was a great read.

  2. Great Advice!

    If you waited to be perfect every time you would be missing the fun of squashing bugs and creating better code the next time around.

    It’s a rare individual that can learn from their own perfection.

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