Blogging summary for 2011 – here and elsewhere

I’ve been thinking a bit about my posts on this blog and elsewhere. So I spent a few minutes and counted them. My contributions in 2011 to various communities are below:

Contributions I’m pretty happy about

WPCandy Posts: 74 – I want to write these more consistently in 2012, but maybe not more. Definitely more in-depth and substantial when I do. Total post count on WPCandy is actually 100(nice milestone!), since September 2011.

WPCandy Podcasts: 15 – I hope to double this in 2012

WPCandy First Tastes: 4 + 1 unpublished – This is a fun little project. I’d like to do these a good bit as long as people are enjoying them. 25 – I want to triple this.

Theme Hybrid: 150-180 forum posts – Probably my most visited website. Kind of difficult to nail down the exact number, but this is close based on paginated archives on my profile page.

Sadface contributions

WordPress Stack Exchange: 0 – I definitely need to change this. I rely on it a great deal, but was slow learning in how to utilize the system. forums: 4 – This speaks for itself in how pathetic it is. Going to start posting here more often when I come across things that are easy to help or I have input on an existing thread.

trac: 0 – One of my 2012 goals is to get myself on the 3.4 contributors list.

In Summary

I’m happy with my contributions to the WordPress community. However, I have plans to make these contributions better in 2012, and even a trick or two up my sleeve for other places and ways to write about WordPress.

6 thoughts on “Blogging summary for 2011 – here and elsewhere

  1. Really happy to have you posting that many times to WPCandy, but even more so just happy to have you a part of the community.

    Definitely more in-depth and substantial when I do.

    Definitely, I agree. Let’s brainstorm more about this soon 🙂

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