Easily duplicate posts with the aptly named plugin, “Duplicate Post”

Image borrowed from the plugin’s .org page

This plugin is pretty cool. “Duplicate Post” lets you…. wait for it…. duplicate posts! You can easily duplicate posts by hovering over a post in the edit.php (archive) view in the admin. But it’s not just posts; it works for pages, and any other custom post type too.

I originally found this plugin on a client site I started doing maintenance on, and it works very nicely. It’s great when you have a pretty custom setup, say with page templates, or meta data that’s repeated from one post to the next. It’s also handy for showing a less technical default markup for headings or lists or other options in the editor.

The plugin lets you clone posts entirely, or copy a post and set it up s a new draft.Thanks to Lopo for this handy (free!) plugin. I’m putting into my base install that I duplicate every time I start a new site.

3 thoughts on “Easily duplicate posts with the aptly named plugin, “Duplicate Post”

  1. I like it too, but I ran into some issues that on the one hand felt too specific to my own use cases to really dig into further or send feedback about, yet on the other hand kept me from using it further. I attach quite a bit of meta to my blog posts (this you know, Brian) and in general it just turned out being too much work double-checking everything to make sure I wasn’t mis-associating a post somehow. In the end I’m better off spending the time spinning up an original post every time I need to, really.

    I also seem to remember Duplicate Post behaving a bit weird with BraveNewCode’s WordTwit Pro for me. I don’t recall the specifics of that though.

    For the right situation this plugin is killer though, I agree.

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