Google fonts on the Kindle Fire

We just got a Kindle Fire at work for testing purposes. We quickly noticed it doesn’t render Google fonts.

I went to the actual Google webfonts page to see what happens there:



I’ve tried to find evidence of others with this issue, and this is the only thing I can find on an Amazon forum where there is no answer that gives any evidence Google fonts do work on a Fire. I’d love to know how people are getting this to work.

For reference, I did confirm that the Kindle Fire handled @font-face where I was serving the font myself. So maybe it’s a third party thing. I haven’t yet tested other third party font delivery services like Typekit.

Update: Ryan Sullivan has shared a picture with me that seems Typekit doesn’t work on the Fire either.

Also, I discovered that the Kindle Fire requires some asinine software install process to be able to take a screenshot. So I took this picture of a Kindle screen from an iPhone.

Quality device, it seems.

10 thoughts on “Google fonts on the Kindle Fire

  1. Is this on one of the new Fire HD models? After reading your post I am now wondering if we need to get one for testing too. Both Google and Typekit have and continue working on our first gen Fires, but if they changed something on us…

  2. I’m also curious if this is on a Kindle Fire HD. If so, Amazon needs to step up their browser to keep up with iPad and other Android tablets.

  3. Just got an HD fire today and they don’t work on here either. I tried viewing my own website that uses Google web fonts, they don’t work.

  4. One more here experiencing the same issue. I tested different Google fonts and some of them work and other don’t, very weird issue. The only good thing now is that I’m testing the alternative fonts in case it happens with more devices..

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