MaxGalleria plugin for managing WordPress image and video galleries

I’ve had an opportunity to provide development feedback for MaxGalleria, an image and video gallery plugin, and I think it’s a plugin you will like.

Managing galleries in WordPress can be a pain. In WordPress 3.5, default gallery handling will improve a great deal, but MaxGalleria goes well beyond what the default gallery system does. Rather than being a feature centered around posts or pages, galleries are managed independently, so you can manage them however you like.

In reviewing the plugin and talking to Dave Donaldson, my contact at Max Foundry, I think Max Galleria will offer some features that both users and developers will love:

  1. Both image and video gallery management. Default WordPress galleries only handle images.
  2. Multiple built-in skins and also custom templating so we’re not limited to default WordPress gallery markup.
  3. Built to work both out of the box and have flexibility for developers.

Dave has done a nice job, in my opinion, of making a thoughtful flow pattern for adding galleries, while maintaining balance with the native WordPress UI. I think it will mesh very nicely with the UI updates coming in 3.5.

I’ve always avoided NextGen Gallery (de facto WP standard for galleries) because it didn’t feel right, and Max Foundry agreed. They’re hoping to help you make the switch easily, even offering a built-in importer.

If you’re looking for more basic non-native gallery management (images only and fewer templating options), maybe try Shutter by Scott Basgaard. But if you’re looking for advanced gallery management for video and images, I recommend giving MaxGalleria a try.

It launched today, and purchase plans start at $39 – otherwise known as less than an hour of billable time on your next client project.


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  1. I’ll second Brian’s review. I also had a chance to give some development feedback to Dave. It’s definitely a plugin that is developer and end user friendly. Give it a shot.

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