New theme sketches

Yesterday, while I was installing Mountain Lion, I had some free time off screen. I figured it was a perfect opportunity to sketch out some ideas for my theme project.

Since I said I’d share my brainstorming here, well, here you have it!

I want the theme to be blog focused, but on the homepage I’d like to have either a dedicated area or a larger than normal sidebar for more static information, like an “about” widget. You can also see a concept for the portfolio / services section to be visible on just about any page. The single post layout would definitely include a nice featured image, but a video or audio post format could also utilize that space. Also, the sidebar would be a little more subtle on interior pages, to make way for the content.

I’m struggling a bit with the portfolio. You can see in the image on the right, somehow my pen just started drawing a mega slider, and before I knew it, there was slider inside a slider! I’m going to have to modify that : ) Anyway, I’m getting some ideas on paper, and soon I’ll have something to show you with a URL attached.

6 thoughts on “New theme sketches

  1. I think the sort of half content half sidebar on the homepage would work as long as you have enough important/relevant info to put in the sidebar.

    1. Yeah, my intention is to make it basically an ‘About me’ area. I want a static-esque page, so it’s not really just a blog archive, but I want the blog to be the most important item. But I also want it to be really, really easy to find out more about the individual, considering this theme will be blog and portfolio dual-oriented.

      Thanks for the feedback : )

  2. Just so ya know…. I”m keeping an eye on this topic! — for inspiration. I really want to redesign my personal blog at I got my blog page finished up, with most formats…. audio is a biggie on that site since I focus on a lot of local DJs. But I totally ran out of steam. I couldn’t figure out where to go, single posts looked like butt, etc. DUnno if I’m gonna pick up where I left off, or start over… but I’ve been watching other folks talk about redesigns to try to get my process in order (I don’t really have a…)


    But seriously, props for sharing this processes form end-to-end.

    Why bother with a slider on a portfolio? Why not use a custom post type for “Projects” and have the “Portfolio” list all the projects? That way, you could take advantage of next_post_link and previous_post_link and still maintain the single slider on each page?

    Not saying you’ve not considered this .. I just think the fewer sliders, the better :). I’m a fan of having a dedicated page for each project because of (a) the simplicity and (b) the benefits of having them index easier.

    1. Yeah, when I first drew the big arrows, I was thinking in terms of pagination not sliders. The issue was that the design would want to force one post per page in that scenario, which isn’t something I think I should force for a public theme archive. I think I’m going to rethink it a bit and try and get rid of that, but I wanted to avoid the overused three columns of thumbnails for a portfolio look : )

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