The political leanings of WordPress Users

20120711-235304.jpgWordPress users are politically pretty moderate and slightly more engaged than users of other networks. At least we are according to this analysis by Engage, who mapped the political leanings of users from a variety of websites.

For the sake of comparison, Tumblr is significantly less politically engaged and leans more toward Obama. I’ll go out on a limb and say that’s good for WordPress, as it more broadly appeals to people on all sides 🙂

This study is obviously pretty silly, and I don’t quite understand how they measured (something about Facebook likes). But it’s fun nonetheless.

Also, I wanted to write a post from the iOS app after hanging out with Isaac Keyet last week, so here we are!

2 thoughts on “The political leanings of WordPress Users

  1. At first blush, I’d say when they say “users of WordPress”, they aren’t talking about the .org users, particularly devs, rather .com bloggers/users.

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