WordPress plugin review hangout

I sat in on a Google Hangout today with about 10 other people to discuss how to improve the WordPress plugin repository review process. Currently, WordPress has the fortunate problem of being slam packed with plugins. But it’s difficult to know which plugins are reliable and which are not.

Many WordPress professionals do not feel comfortable sending clients and friends to the repository to download plugins. Therefore, there is a demand to improve the way plugins are rated and verified that they are high quality. Many of us would even like to see a vetting process beyond the initial submission of plugins that could verify certain plugins as good.

I could go into considerable depth here about why I think a vetted section of the plugin repository would be a good thing, but I already have in the Hangout itself, and on the P2 that’s been setup to discuss the topic. I highly recommend you check out both (and join in the conversation!) if you are at all interested in how plugins are rated, vetted, and promoted on WordPress.org.

A couple of my specific comments on the P2 can be seen here and here.

You can also just view the entire hangout below:

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