Collaborate like never before with WordPress Post Forking

I’m unbelievably giddy right now. I just saw that Ben Balter, Daniel Bachhuber, and Aaron Jorbin have released Post Forking, a tool that brings Github-esque collaboration to WordPress post publishing. The game of WordPress post publishing for teams is officially changed forever.

Sorry for my dramatic tone, but I can’t get over how incredible this concept is for publishers. Let’s consider just a few of the opportunities we now have:

  • A fast paced blog, like Wired – can now save changes to post updates and come back to them later. This is huge for when stories develop quickly, but can’t be updated right away. Now editors can receive changes from authors and approve them when they are ready. Previously, of course, WordPress required you to update the live post in order to save any changes.
  • An organization with strict editorial rules – (think government or other regulated organizations) can now have a clean system for managing content updates, sending updates through an appropriate editorial channel, so that nothing is published to a live site without proper review.
  • Collaborative post writers – A blog like WPCandy, where I contribute, can now (I think, as long as it works under the draft post status) collaborate on writing posts. This is especially helpful with large features like posts that cover features in new versions of WordPress. In this hypothetical instance, I could collaborate with Ryan and we could divide and conquer, by each taking a handful of features, and merging the posts together as we go. Previously, this sort of thing had to be done on Google docs.
  • Client copyrighting work – Many web development agencies offer copyrighting services. This will allow them to more easily perform such services for existing WordPress websites, proposing changes on the live site, rather than an external document, making it easier to push them live when approved by the client.

This is a rough outline of what seems possible with Post Forking. I obviously haven’t played with it yet, as I just learned of it minutes ago. But I’m ridiculously excited to get involved with the development wiki, and of course to give the plugin a thorough spin.

Mark my words, this plugin is game changing.

I knew that Ben had discussed working on the concept of version control for post publishing, but I had no idea that it was happening already. Huge thanks to Ben, Daniel, Aaron, and anyone else that made it possible.

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