I’ve just read perhaps the most thorough, fair, non-partisan, easy to understand, fact driven article of my life. Steven Brill writes, in Time, what’s going on in the American healthcare industry.

In short, it’s a complete mess. I’ve heard much of it from my immediate family, as my wife and parents are all in healthcare. But I’ve never seen all of our country’s issues described quite like this. The article is absolutely brilliant, and entirely depressing. He gives a few minutes of synopsis of the article on The Daily Show as well.

The one additional aspect he simply couldn’t cover in the scope of his article is the state of health insurance coverage for American employees. Under the current system, the fear of not having health insurance is an enormous burden to potential entrepreneurs, small business owners, would-be retirees, and who knows who else.

I implore any American to read this article, even if you think you don’t care. Fair warning though, it’s 25,000 words. It took me two hours to read. But what he discusses affects everyone, and it will likely be the biggest long term political issue for my generation.

3 thoughts on “Healthcare

  1. Time Magazine and ‘non-partisan’ in the same sentence? LOFL. Right.

    I won’t read that dogshit publication, but lemme guess – everything is the GOP’s fault? And the answer to the ‘mess’ is Obamacare?

    1. You know, you might learn something every now and then if you would read more than things you agree with. And actually, in this instance, you’re totally wrong. He drills Obama and democrats in general on a number of issues, like their unwillingness to consider tort reform, which he notes as a significant burden to practitioners.

      Quit trolling and maybe get outside your boundaries a bit. You might just be better for it.

  2. Not gonna lie. Didn’t tell me much I didn’t already know in 25k words. But I was surprised at how several topics weren’t even considered on the theoretical level. Surely in 25k words the author could have addressed the problem that premiums will go up under Obamacare instead of merely acknowledging that fact. Also was not addressed was the other side of the argument to the entire debate; that the governement should in no way be involved in healthcare, and before eyes are rolled lets not forget that that’s how it was so very few decades ago long before we had these budget problems, so don’t tell me it cannot be done. The author also decided to take a very progressive approach to “fixing the problem” with a massive dose of centralized govt. and a more progressive “tax” system to pay for medicare.

    The one lesson I did learn from this tome of an article was never to go to the doctor if I can help it. With my high deductible plan, I have no doubt that routine care even would cost me more than I would have expected. I think I will ask for the cost up front before I get any care in the future if I can help it.

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