My “Sliders Suck” post is discussed on the Boagword podcast

I’m thrilled that Paul Boag selected my Sliders Suck article to discuss on the popular Boagworld podcast. However, he and Marcus (his co-host) completely disagreed with me, and went on adamantly about how wrong my post was 🙂

I find this very exciting, because it’s an opportunity for me to further define my points about sliders and to show them where they were misguided in how they perceived what I was trying to say. In fact, a lot of people were a bit misguided from that post. It seems many people read the top half, but not much into the part where I discuss how sliders can sometimes be effective. But I’ll get more into that with the full follow-up.

So, go listen to the podcast (my section starts around 30 minutes in) – even if not for them talking about me, but because it’s a great podcast – and then be ready for my “rebuttal” to come soon.

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