Incredible testimonial for WordPress from the Washington Post

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I recently came across a great read from Yuri Victor, the user experience director for the Washington Post. According to Yuri, their first experiment with WordPress was with Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog (a great blog, by the way). He loved WordPress, so they started rolling it out to a bunch of their other blogs.

It’s encouraging to see such a great testimonial from such a huge news provider. It’s especially great to hear how quickly they’ve been able to innovate and iterate in their organization, which I imagine might have been quite hard in the past with other systems.

This is a perfect post to keep around to show a potential newsy, or multi-author client that is nervous about moving to WordPress from a proprietary system. I personally worked on the new, and they also love WordPress. So from multi-national to local news outlets, it’s safe to say WordPress is rocking it. It’s simply a great tool for publishing content.

h/t: Aaron Jorbin

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