2013 Review

big-sur-erica-bk2013 was a whirlwind year.

Post Status

It’s hard to believe it was only January of 2013 that I launched Post Status. The site evolved massively throughout the year.

There were 874 posts published throughout the year on Post Status, 618 of which were my own. 102 of those posts I wrote were “long form” or not a link post format. But even some of the links included a decent amount of my own input.

I did a poor job seeking link submissions or guest posts in 2013. A lot of people submit their own posts, but they often don’t have type of analysis I’d prefer in the link, so I didn’t accept very many.

I’m considering recruiting an assistant editor to help out, but I don’t have much of a budget to pay anyone well. Either way I’ll be looking for more outside contributions in 2014.

I have plans for another evolution of the site, which I hope to launch by February. These plans include diversifying the style of content, some design and structure tweaks, and new revenue streams.

Overall, Post Status has had a great year. I’m so proud of this project and look forward to working on it for a long time.


I made a huge transition a couple months ago when I joined Range. I work from home now and the team is awesome. I’m learning a lot and figuring out how to manage time working from home.

We have a lot planned at Range and 2014 promises to be an exciting year for us. Keep an eye out.


I started running and walking every day around December 1st. I’ve gained a few pounds a year since my freshman year of college and it’s time to reverse the trend. I’m not doing fad diets or extreme workouts. The plan is to eat less, eat healthier, and have consistent exercise. I’m sick of feeling unhealthy.

Also, now that I’ve had well over two years of my hobby and work being the same thing, it’s time to really separate the two. In 2014 I’m dumping all side projects other than Post Status that have to do with the web. I plan to read more and spend better time with family.

I’ve also started doing a better job investing in my spiritual life – reading, praying, and fellowshipping more. I want to make these habits a stronger priority in 2014 versus a fallback when I don’t have something else keeping me from them.


I used to read a lot but I have really only binge read during holidays and when traveling for the past couple of years. I got a Kindle for Christmas and I’m already starting to redevelop consistent reading habits.

Professionally I want to further refine my knowledge base, especially on a fundamental level. I know WordPress pretty well but there are still some things with PHP that are basic concepts and I haven’t really considered them.

My role with Range is also pretty front-end heavy, which I love, and it finally allows me to invest real time in the front end. I look forward to improving my front-end development skills in 2014.


When I moved to working with WordPress full time from engineering I took a pay cut to do so. Since then I’ve really concentrated too much on making up the difference elsewhere. Now I make better money than I ever have and really those ambitions were never good for me anyway.

This year I look forward to being satisfied with our financial situation and working hard to knock out my wife’s school loans. I’ve done a bad job at setting proper long term financial plans in place, instead I’ve just made decisions based on vague goals; so early this year I’ll be making written plans for our long term financial goals.


Erica and I had an amazing vacation driving down the coast of California in August after WordCamp San Francisco. I also had an incredible opportunity to go to Cape Town, South Africa for a WordCamp.

I love traveling and it looks like I’ll be in California at least four times in 2014. I hope to mix in some other trips as well. Erica and I have always wanted to visit Europe so we’ll see if we can squeeze it into 2014 as well.


I’m thankful for an excellent 2013. All in all my biggest goal for the next year is to eliminate some of the unnecessary stress I’ve put on myself and say “no” a whole lot more.

Here’s to 2014!

8 thoughts on “2013 Review

  1. Awesome review! I really love how honestly and down to earth you write. It makes keeping up with Post Status and your blog a really enjoyable read.

    Happy New Year Brian!

  2. Hi Brian,
    I would be interested in helping you with your post status website. Low budget is not a big issue for me, I’m interested in being more involved in the WordPress community right now so we can work it out.

    I wanted to get in contact with you through your contact form but it’s accessible only if you are logged in, and I haven’t found out how to create an account on your website! 🙂

    If you are still looking for help you can get in contact with me any time, and we can talk.

    By the way, I was pointed to you by Jeff Chandler.


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