Domain extortion

There’s been a lot of domain craziness around the new TLDs. I know they were enabled to allow for less competition for short domains, but it really doesn’t seem to be working to me.

It seems it’ll be years, if not decades, before people really trust URLs with non-standard TLDs. I still have to explain anything that’s not .com to most non-tech friends – with exceptions perhaps for .gov, .net, and .org.

Even when I held a .us domain hack for Post Status, it was complicated for my tech-focused audience. Domain hacks and a few trendy TLDs like .io have done okay, but most of the new ones just don’t seem to have much, if any, traction.

Moreso, the barage of new TLDs pressures companies to register all of those with their own name, pointlessly raising costs. And worse, a domain like .sucks is a straight up “extortion racket” as EasyDNS puts it.

I’m glad to see them being sensible and not giving in to an obviously ill-intentioned TLD like this.

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