First Chemex at home

I got a Chemex for Christmas, and this morning I brewed with it for the first time. It’s a six cup Chemex, and it is beautiful. Pour-over coffee is the best way to make coffee, and I’m glad I can now do so at home.

I buy beans from either Octane, Seeds, or O’Henry’s here in Homewood. All three are great, but different, coffee shops. Lightly roasted Ethiopian beans are typically my favorite.

There’s plenty for me to learn brewing with Chemex. I’m glad I got the six cup, as I can drink it quick enough to not get cold. But my pouring method needs some work.

Just because I’m a nerd, here’s a little time-lapse.

Now I guess it’s time to make another pot.

4 thoughts on “First Chemex at home

  1. Why do you think it’s the best? I’ve never tried Chemex; is there a reason why paper filters are preferred over a reusable micro-foil type filter?

    I have a high end Krups drip that makes great coffee but takes a lot of grounds. Used it for years, but eventually gave it up. All we’re interested in is dark French roast, so a French press seems the simplest and most economical choice. Generally I just prefer an espresso or else water it down to an Americano. Air presses and even the Italian standard “moka” are great for a good, quick espresso.

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