Fitness tracking for one month

I did a “fitness challenge” for the month of March that included tracking my exercise on a daily basis. For me, that’s mostly my kickboxing class. I thought the challenge would be a fun way to figure what all I do in the month, and see where I need more work.

My workout class is 3x per week. On some off days (maybe once a week), I’d run 1-3 miles or go on a walk with my wife.

Here were my results:

Focus area Count Unit
Stomach 1377 reps
Chest 331 reps
Back 120 reps
Shoulders 90 reps
Lats 30 reps
Arms 315 reps
Legs 946 reps
Burpees 38 reps
Plank 20.5 minutes
Jump Rope 39 minutes
Biking n/a n/a
Walking 8 miles
Jog/Run 9 miles
Low Intensity n/a n/a
High Intensity 240 minutes
Stretching 60 minutes
Water 41 cups

Overall, this is a fairly accurate representation of what I actually did. I would typically take a picture of our “board” and then log my reps when I got home.

2015-03-16 17.31.41
A sample warmup

I’m sure stuff like stretching, walking, and water are lowballed, because I didn’t log non-intentional instances.

Also, some of the items were difficult to log. For instance, so I wouldn’t double log the “high intensity” kickboxing element of my workout, I didn’t put stuff we’d do that could qualify for reps, because I’d just add 15 minutes of high intensity for each session. Also, some workouts didn’t really have a home (like mountain climbers for instance), so I rounded in other areas as best I could to fit.

I’m pretty pleased with the results. I definitely want to see how this would change month to month, so I’m doing it again. I’d love to see the back/lats/shoulders go up; but I was shocked just how many stomach and leg exercises I did.

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