I don’t care how much your app cost to make

There’s been a lot of chatter (again) about Tapbots charging for a Tweetbot update. This happens every time Tapbots releases anything it seems.

They lead the market in charging for their products, and people decry the prices or that they charge for an update at all. And others say that Tweetbot should cost so Tapbots can stay in business.

They are all wrong.

I don’t care how much time Tapbots worked, other than to be glad they put a lot of effort into the product. I care that the product brings value. That’s it.

A lot of people spend way too much time working on things that don’t bring much value. Tapbots spends a lot of time working on Tweetbot, which is an immensely valuable Twitter client, for people that rely on it for some of their work.

I love Tweetbot, and have loved it for years. I won’t blink at a $4.99 update or a $9.99 update. I didn’t blink for the $20 Mac app or whatever it was. I’d pay another $20 right now for it to crash less lately (but it’s still better than anything else).

I’m glad they can be a sustainable company because of their pricing, but it’s not why I pay. I pay because the app delivers value to me every day. That they are supported by it as an indie developer is just a bonus.

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