I’ve rarely felt like an author was so inside my head as when reading this three-part series on procrastination by Tim Urban, on the outstanding Wait But Why blog.

Urban invents a three character system — a battle in the procrastinator’s brain every day, every moment — to highlight what it’s like being a procrastinator.

The Rational Decision Maker, the Instant Gratification Monkey, and the Panic Monster are all hilariously perfect; I was in tears of laughter as Urban perfectly described what I feel often, and I could look back on my life and see these three characters in my own brain and see where each won at various times.

All three posts, on why procrastinator’s procrastinate, how to beat procrastination, and the procrastination matrix (perhaps the most important one) are absolutely genius.

For non-procrastinators, you should read to understand the rest of us. For procrastinators, may we meet in The Happy Playground.

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