Recycling the family business

One man’s junkyard is the next generation’s modern recycling center.

This is a good story on The Distance about running a family business in a less-than-sexy industry: automative recycling.

With a new generation, they are adapting to a new environment.

“It’s not a sexy business,” Kyle says. “And what we’ve been finding over the years…is that as the older generation either wants to retire or dies off, the younger generation does not want to get into it. More and more yards are being sold.…When I got involved in the business 25 years ago, there were something like 20,000 automotive-recycling yards or junkyards in the United States. And now that number is closer to 8,000. [But] it’s a great business. If any of you guys are listening, it’s a great business. Don’t go into the technology field. Believe me, you’ll like this business.”

I love good longform stories like this. Thanks to Ryan Sullivan for putting me onto The Distance.

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