The most common job in every state

While reading a fascinating article about the imminent disruption of the trucking industry — thanks to driverless cars — I found a fascinating map that lists the most common job in every state.

I was surprised to see that four states’ most common job is software developer: Washington, Virginia, Colorado, and Utah.

Looking at the trend over time, the map highlights how technology has consistently disrupted staple American jobs. From farmers, factory workers, and secretaries in years past, to truck drivers now: technology has consistently disrupted enormous industries.

Interestingly, as the article on the trucking industry notes, driverless vehicles will take over a profession where there is simultaneously a large shortage.

Meanwhile, software developers are becoming more common. I’m sure it’s not a direct correlation (the number of software jobs likely won’t replace all of the jobs technology disrupts), but there is no denying that learning to code and manage software is a pretty good field to get into right now.

Of course, software development too can be disrupted.

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