Easier emoji for Mac, with Alfred

Inserting emoji on the Mac requires clicking Edit > Emoji & Symbols or control+command+space, and even then, it’s a crappy experience. This has always annoyed me, especially because I’m terrible at remembering keyboard commands. But I love Alfred and it’s a single prompt no matter the command.

So a Tweet reiterating how bad Mac’s emoji game is made me go on the hunt — which turned out to be a brief endeavor — to find a decent Alfred emoji extension.

Using Carlos Galdino’s Aflred 2 workflow, I am now able to prompt Alfred and instantly search emoji after pressing :, which I edited from the emoji prompt so it would match Slack’s prompt; and it’s shorter. Changing the keyword is easy, within the script filter, once you import the workflow (which by the way you do by double clicking it after download).

Unfortunately, it’s not fully updated for new emoji and skin tones, but it’s better than the default Mac experience. 👍

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