Harvard at night

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to walk around Harvard’s campus at dusk. I got to the Charles River, at the edge of campus, just as the sun was going down.

I took all of the still shots with my Canon 70D, and also took a quick timelapse while I was there with an old Sony NEX 6.

The original video was only five minutes and I compressed it to 5 seconds. I wish I could’ve gotten the video above the bushes, as they’re pretty distracting, blowing in the wind, but I had to get setup pretty quickly to catch the last of the sunset.

After the timelapse and snapping a couple sunset stills (below), I went into campus and took a few pictures inside and around Harvard Yard. I think the Swedenborg Chapel is my favorite.

The chapel and the gate to Harvard Yard are both long exposure shots. Everything else was taken handheld (not on a tripod), and I definitely broke the rules for shutter speed vs focal length, but image stabilization in the Canon L 24-105 made up for some of it. But I definitely could’ve gotten crisper shots if I’d taken the time to use a tripod in each spot.

It’s a beautiful campus and I wish I had more time to explore before it was completely dark, but it was still fun, and I got to practice night photography, and long exposure shots. I still have a lot of learning to do.

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