Park and botanical gardens

This weekend, Erica, Evan, and I went to the Botanical Gardens of Birmingham, as well as Red Mountain Park — which is a park made from a former mining site. I took my camera along to try my hand at taking pictures of these landscapes. It was really hard, and I’m not particularly happy about how any of them came out (aside from the fact that Evan is always cute).

I’m (obviously) posting them anyway. You may as well join me in my amateur photography journey when I’m less excited as well as when I’m excited about how they turn out.

I have a new respect for people who take great photos of greenery now. In some, there is so much going on the pictures don’t really have anything to focus on. I think I’d prefer big sweeping landscapes than these relatively small ones with tighter quarters. It’s just tough to figure out how to frame the shot. Even with the flowers, getting a good angle and a good background is tough; I always thought those kinds of shots would be simple.

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