Pole vaulting

Samford University’s Track & Field team showed off their pole vaulting skills at Samford’s homecoming festivities this last Saturday.

My wife went to Samford, so we joined some friends for a picnic, and the team was doing a pole vaulting exposition right next to us. It was too big a temptation, and thankfully I had my camera, so I gave it a go with my first ever sports-style photo session.

I loved the view, as the team was in the campus’s main green space with the library on one side and the chapel on the other.

I was shooting on my Canon 70D with the Canon L Series 24-105mm lens. I would’ve absolutely loved to do this shoot with the 70-200.

Shooting on high speed continuous was interesting. The camera did an okay but not perfect job of picking up focus. A few gems were lost due to out of focus subjects, but I’d guess 90% or so were in focus. And the 7 frame per second camera burst speed was enough for these shots; I was able to take plenty of shots during each jump, then it would think for a few seconds after the burst to process them.

I’m sharing all the photos I kept, more to highlight some of the progressions as it is to show unique pictures. I love a few of these, and overall I’m glad I was able to experience shooting an event like this — and impromptu no less! It was a lot of fun to see these athletes do what they do.

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