Capturing memories

March 14th is my eighth wedding anniversary. Erica and I dated for five and a half years prior to being married, so all in all we’ve been together more than 13 years.

It’s hard to believe that I was just looking for a homecoming date my senior year of high school, and now we’ve been together for nearly half our lives.

We’ve both changed in many ways over those years, and of course matured a great deal. However long we have together, I’m sure we’ll change much more, and continue to see our lives transition.

Our son, Evan, is almost two and has entered the phase of repeating most words we say back to us, growing his vocabulary. And our second child is on the way, due at the beginning of September.

It’s weird going through a phase of life and knowing it’s one of the most important times you’ll ever experience. In college, I knew it was a “once in a lifetime” experience, but I was so young and energetic, I embraced the time but didn’t reflect as much.

Now, I’m savoring these precious moments with our son, and in our family, as they happen. And it is a sweet feeling. I hope I’m able to have clarity about these moments for the rest of my life.

It’s also part of the reason I’ve loved photography so much lately. I know that if I can capture our family in these early years that I’ll cherish those memories forever. I have pictures from past parts of our lives, but they are much more random, less frequent, and not typically great quality. Today, whether it’s with a phone or my camera, I have so many tools to capture a special moment.

So, thank you Erica, my love, for these wonderful years of marriage, where you’ve shared your life with me, been so selfless, and have so wonderfully surpassed my expectations for what life together could be like. I can’t wait to capture more memories with you.

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