My next line of business: Commerce Notebook

In my game plan for 2017, I talked about my desire to enter a new niche with my content business.

Commerce Notebook is my newest project. It’s modeled after Post Status, in the sense that I want it to be a go-to place for useful, practical information about eCommerce.

For Commerce Notebook, I’m writing about eCommerce broadly, geared toward store owners and other eCommerce enthusiasts or professionals, such as consultants or product makers. Post Status is quite similar, but geared toward WordPress professionals.

I’m excited about the potential for this project. I kept Post Status free for two years before making a membership component. I may make a membership component for Commerce Notebook after (and if) it gains an audience, or I may utilize a different monetization model altogether. One thing I am going to do is avoid the “journalism” moniker for this site, as I see it more as an industry publication but not really journalistic in nature.

We’ll see how it’s doing six months or a year from now, and how much it differs from Post Status. It’s exciting to have a green field to build on and try new things with. If it goes well, it could lead to me hiring a writer or two to help out with both sites, which would also be nice to be able to do.

Check it out!

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