Rising-cost sectors will eat the entire economy

Marc Andreessen describes how certain high-cost sectors will “eat the entire economy,” and don’t have enough new technology to disrupt them. It’s the best description I’ve seen for why some stuff is getting so much cheaper, while certain industries continue to get more expensive.

Minimum wage of $70,000 a Year

The owner of Gravity Payments, a credit card processor in Seattle, said he heard stories of how tough it was to make ends meet even on salaries that exceeded the federal minimum wage. This is a pretty radical experiment by Gravity Payments. Their new minimum wage is going to be $70,000 per year, and the […]


I’ve just read perhaps the most thorough, fair, non-partisan, easy to understand, fact driven article of my life. Steven Brill writes, in Time, what’s going on in the American healthcare industry. In short, it’s a complete mess. I’ve heard much of it from my immediate family, as my wife and parents are all in healthcare. […]

Earnings Key For Stock Market This Week

The stock market rallied 500 points last week for no apparent reason other than correcting two weeks of a selloff.  The volatility in the market is incredible and I haven’t really noticed any consensus from experts on what is to come in the next few months.  Everyone just seems to be throwing up their hands. […]