Digging into Deep Work

My college major was Industrial & Systems Engineering. I was trained to analyze systems and adjust them to seek optimal outcomes. I don’t work on industrial applications, but the greatest system I have access to today, where I have direct control, and the capability to have an enormous impact, is my own system of how […]

Engineering in hospitals

The New York Times profiled a university hospital in Utah that’s tracking costs and benefits of everything they do. It’s classic Industrial Engineering (my college major), but whenever you see these kinds of articles people act like it’s revolutionary. It is amazing what tracking and data analysis can accomplish, but it’s not revolutionary. And unfortunately, most hospitals […]

“Off the Record”

Recently, I was listening to Slate’s Political Gabfest podcast, and they were talking about the difference between “off the record” and “on background.” The show notes reference a 16 year old story debating the terms. The term “on background” is pretty new to me, though I’ve used what it means a good bit. Basically, you can […]

The parrot and its owner

A parrot and its owner don’t have the same understanding of what is said, even though the words are the same. As a writer, I need to remind myself to not take others’ parroting at face value, and to actively avoid parroting without understanding something myself. I do both more than I would like, but my […]

Following the path of a stolen passport

An eye opening story from Buzzfeed News on how the wars in Syria and elsewhere have effected Turkey, and even unsuspecting tourists that get their passports stolen. Neher had been surprised at how little of all this he saw. Istanbul buzzed with its regular charm, the captivating city that welcomes around 10 million tourists annually. […]

The most common job in every state

While reading a fascinating article about the imminent disruption of the trucking industry — thanks to driverless cars — I found a fascinating map that lists the most common job in every state. I was surprised to see that four states’ most common job is software developer: Washington, Virginia, Colorado, and Utah. Looking at the trend […]

Not too interested in the Apple Watch

This is pretty much why I have little desire for an Apple Watch. Mel is more patient than I am. The lighting up while eating, the notification madness, the constant charging: none of that sounds fun. From my very first look at the Apple Watch previews, I couldn’t believe how much junk they were putting on […]

The Bus Station

What’s so special about a Greyhound station? The one in Huntsville, Texas, isn’t much to look at — but is remarkable to thousands of inmates being released from prison each year. It’s the first place they go as free people. NPR spent two days there taking photos. Here’s what it’s like. Sad statistics in this […]