The best gear for travel

The Wirecutter is my favorite site for recommendations, and they have a new feature that’s cross promoted with Amazon, for recommending the best travel gear across a variety of categories. It’s awesome. And of course I have stuff envy once again. It’s also fun that some friends of mine worked on this.

$450,000 in a year as a self-published author

Building an audience who loves your product — whether it’s for a book, an app, a game, or a widget — is tough, time-consuming and expensive. Once you’ve got them hooked, give them something else to buy from you. As you choose your next project to work on, make sure it’s something that will appeal to your existing audience. […]

Recycling the family business

This is a good story on The Distance about running a family business in a less-than-sexy industry: automative recycling. With a new generation, they are adapting to a new environment. “It’s not a sexy business,” Kyle says. “And what we’ve been finding over the years…is that as the older generation either wants to retire or […]

Full stack employees

I can’t decide if I love or hate this article on full stack employees, by Chris Messina. I certainly don’t think many companies are setup very well for such employees. Furthermore, the job description sounds more like that you’d hope for in an entrepreneur or partner; or you better be willing to shell out incredible money […]

The history of the baseball cap

The baseball cap is ubiquitous but not anonymous; with a tilt of its bill or a curve of its brim, it conveys a point of view. Such a common shape, but yet it still seems tough to find just the right hat sometimes. This is an entertaining look at the history of the baseball cap.

Light It Up Blue for World Autism Awareness Day

Most insurance plans don’t cover autism-related therapies, so in order for these children to get the help they need, most families are paying out of pocket and going into tremendous amounts of debt.Autism costs families $60,000 per year, on average. It’s a huge problem, but people will do whatever they need to for their kids. My […]

Amazon Dash Button… why is this not an app?

With Amazon Dash Button, you just press, and never run out. Choose from favorite household products. Amazon Dash Button is a branded thing all over your house, one for every product. How much more sense would it make for this to be a very simple app of your favorite / curated products in an app? […]

First Chemex at home

I got a Chemex for Christmas, and this morning I brewed with it for the first time. It’s a six cup Chemex, and it is beautiful. Pour-over coffee is the best way to make coffee, and I’m glad I can now do so at home. I buy beans from either Octane, Seeds, or O’Henry’s here […]