Don’t solve problems like Major Payne

At the beginning of Major Payne, Major Payne solves a problem. A wounded soldier has a hurt arm, and he offers to help the soldier take his mind off his arm, in a way that, “works every time.” He breaks his finger. It solved the specific problem temporarily, but unfortunately just gave the soldier more problems. […]

More personal blogging and pressing of this

I tweet a lot. Too much, really. I read a great number of stories every day. They are largely work related (aka WordPress stuff), but I also read items of interest in the news, regarding politics, and other stuff. I typically tweet what I enjoy. I want to keep more of these items on the […]

Following a dream

I’ve wanted to own my own business since I was a kid. I never would’ve dreamed the route I’ve actually taken to get to this point. Three times I’ve worked full time for other companies; each is an experience I’ll cherish. But in my heart, I am an entrepreneur. I’ve embraced it — and it’s […]

On being a trade news provider

It’s not news to anyone that reads my personal blog that I run Post Status, a “WordPress news” website. It’s essentially your typical trade news publication. It’s my baby though. One of the things I’ve struggled with over the last year and a half running Post Status is balancing information. Balancing information I’m both an “insider” […]

Home on the Range

I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Range. It feels like long ago now, but it was just over two years ago that I made a leap of faith to work in the web industry full time. I turned my hobby into my career, and I feel so blessed that I am as passionate about […]

Come to WordCamp Birmingham 2013, y’all

You should totally join me at WordCamp Birmingham 2013 August 24th – 25th. We affectionately call WordCamp Birmingham #WPYall. It’s the nicest WordCamp in the south, I promise! Join us. We’re announcing speakers very, very soon. And I promise they are really excellent. I’ll also be moderating a couple of panels. One of a group of WordPress […]

Code Poet interview

I’m honored to have been asked to do an interview with Code Poet. Code Poet is a great resource for eBooks and other things. Their interview series is also fantastic. I was extremely excited to be asked by them to do an interview, and I hope you enjoy it. They did a really thorough job […]