You are valuable

WordPress is exploding in popularity. This is an obvious statement if you look at statistics for sites that use WordPress, but have you thought of what that means to you if you know how to work with the platform? It means you are valuable. And people want to hire you.

WordPress plugin review hangout

I sat in on a Google Hangout today with about 10 other people to discuss how to improve the WordPress plugin repository review process. We discussed how plugins are (or could be) rated, vetted, and promoted on to improve how people find reliable plugins. I highly recommend you check it out.

Beautiful view of San Francisco

San Francisco View

Here’s a panoramic from the temporary Automattic offices where WordCamp San Francisco 2012 hack day happened. Pretty amazing. Click the image for the attachment view and a larger version (or view it in full glory). I have a lot more to come on my (incredible) first WordCamp SF, but wanted to share this.

Working copy of Happy theme on Github

So, I promised to be transparent. So I’ve uploaded version pre-pre-pre-alpha of the Happy theme to Github 🙂 This theme is rough right now. I’ve been making changes to my former base theme. Taking things out, Enabling other things. No templates for the general body are doing much. footer.php, header.php, home.php, and of course functions.php […]