I love WooCommerce. It’s a really fantastic eCommerce platform. I’ve personally had my hands in the development of more than a dozen WooCommerce sites since its release. Some as the primary developer, some providing technical assistance to my colleagues at past jobs.

These days, I run a WooCommerce store that’s integrated into my own WordPress membership website for my entire living. Post Status is a website with news and information for WordPress professionals and has several hundred members. The site runs on WooCommerce, primarily powered by the Subscriptions and Memberships extensions.

I got started with WooCommerce when my friend had a thriving Etsy store and wanted to offer her own store to help legitimize her growing business, and to be able to offer wholesale capability for some of her customers. Her site has been a case study of functionality for me in many ways; we’re doing clever things with wholesale management, dynamic pricing, and she has lots of variations for her products. I really enjoy helping her manage her store. The site is one of the longest running WooCommerce stores around, as it launched soon after WooCommerce was released.

I’ve used WooCommerce since before it was called WooCommerce. And as an early adopter of the plugin, I’ve been able to talk to the great folks behind it quite a bit, offering feedback and requesting new functionality. I can’t quite express how awesome the WooCommerce team is. They are even one of my sponsor partners on Post Status.

So if you are thinking about building your next eCommerce store on WordPress and WooCommerce, and you’re looking for a developer or just someone to consult with, get in touch with me via the form below and we’ll see if I can help. I don’t do much client work these days, so if I’m not the right person, I’ll try and help you find someone who is.

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