Butler Trail in Austin

I was in Austin, Texas for WooConf last week. My first afternoon there, I had some time to go on a little walk, and went to Butler Trail, which runs along the Lake Lady Bird, which is apparently a reservoir of the Colorado River. It’s a beautiful area, and I had fun playing around with […]

How to tell an employee they’re doing a good job

I got this in the mail today from my employer,¬†Range. It’s Balvenie Portwood, aged 21 years. It tough to get better scotch than this, so I’ll savor it for those special launches and celebrations. And of course for this afternoon tasting. If you’re looking to tell an employee that they’re doing a nice job, this […]

Snow day in Birmingham

It rarely snows in Birmingham, and almost never sticks. Today, we’ve gotten around two inches, so I took the opportunity to walk around my neighborhood in Homewood and snap a few pictures. I suck at photography, but I try.