The cost of bad customer service

I ran across this infographic on HelpScout that contains statistics about the costs of bad customer service. It’s just another great example of how important it is to deliver great service. In my opinion, great customer service can go a long way to make up for a product’s flaws.

Code Poet interview

I’m honored to have been asked to do an interview with Code Poet. Code Poet is a great resource for eBooks and other things. Their interview series is also fantastic. I was extremely excited to be asked by them to do an interview, and I hope you enjoy it. They did a really thorough job […]


I’ve just read perhaps the most thorough, fair, non-partisan, easy to understand, fact driven article of my life. Steven Brill writes, in Time, what’s going on in the American healthcare industry. In short, it’s a complete mess. I’ve heard much of it from my immediate family, as my wife and parents are all in healthcare. […]

Pricing pages

Most web products use a tiered pricing structure. And with such a structure, psychology plays a real part in your offerings. I recommend you take Nathan Barry’s advice into consideration if you’re pricing your new product.

Let’s fork “Hack Day”

Siobhan McKeown wrote a great post at WP Realm about how the vocabulary and mentality around Hack Days for WordPress events (or any events really) need to change a bit. There are people dedicated to the WordPress project, and not all of them are developers. She explains it in detail, noting the many things non developers […]