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  1. SriSAAS

    I was planning to pick up a Fire. But I don’t think so now, Can’t demo our work to a client if it doesn’t support something so basic.

  2. David Hickox

    I guess proper font stacks really are important after all.

  3. trav

    Is this on one of the new Fire HD models? After reading your post I am now wondering if we need to get one for testing too. Both Google and Typekit have and continue working on our first gen Fires, but if they changed something on us…

  4. Brian

    I’m also curious if this is on a Kindle Fire HD. If so, Amazon needs to step up their browser to keep up with iPad and other Android tablets.

  5. Craig

    Doesn’t work for locally-served @font-face, either.

    Major fail, amazon.

    1. Sven Wolfermann

      selfhosted webfonts do work

  6. autum

    Just got an HD fire today and they don’t work on here either. I tried viewing my own website that uses Google web fonts, they don’t work.

  7. Angela J. Holden

    I have a Kindle Fire HD and Google Webfonts work fine but the self hosted do not. Has anybody found a solution for this?

  8. John McCheap

    One more here experiencing the same issue. I tested different Google fonts and some of them work and other don’t, very weird issue. The only good thing now is that I’m testing the alternative fonts in case it happens with more devices..

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