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  1. Ian Culshaw

    I always found YAYQuery quite a nice light humoured podcast :)

  2. Scott

    I’ve found Security Now w/ Steve Gibson to be informative. It’s not web specific but overall general security. I’ve used a few techniques/ideas in my web applications based on information I’ve gathered from listening.

    It’s also hosted by Leo Laporte but he isn’t the main focus as Steve Gibson (author of Spin Rite) does most of the talking.

    The format is week ‘A’ will cover technical material, and week ‘B’ will be Q&A from week ‘A.’

  3. Paul

    Thanks for these Brian didn’t realise WP candy had a podcast.

  4. Jared Polivka

    Thanks for this list Brian! I’m going to check these out. I’m a fan of the 37 signals podcasts (http://37signals.com/podcast), but unfortunately they haven’t updated it in a while 😦

  5. Pali Madra

    Thanks for sharing the list of podcasts. I was following a couple of them and I will definitely try a few.

    I must appreciate the customization of WordPress that has been done for the website. When I dived into the backend code I saw some code which I could not understand. They are

    a) Are the og meta tags like og:title meant for better Facebook integration?
    b) Does the number of meta tags have an impact on SEO?
    c) It seems prototype theme is the base theme for the website. Did you create a child theme to customize prototype theme?
    d) In the underlying code of the website at the end of the page there is a comment ““. Please let me know if it is generated by a plugin or do you use a specific tool for this. IMHO this is a great feature to test speeds of a WP website.

    It would be great if you can comment on my observations whenever you get time.

    Another thing I forgot to mention was that the content on the website is very well written and easy to understand. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks and Regard,
    Pali Madra

  6. Cara

    Thanks a million for doing this I am currently obsessed with online radio etc and I have found ‘webmaster radio’ to be good – there are lots (!) of different programs. I have only tried SEO 101 and learnt a heap already. I find they stay on topic pretty well and get tech when req which works for me. Can’t wait to try all yours bc massive wp fan :)

  7. Mark support

    Thanks a millions for doing this i am currently obsessed with online radio etc and i have found ‘webmaster radio’ to be good- there are lots(!) of different programs.I have only tired SEO 101 and already.I find they on topic pretty well and get tech when req which work for me.Can`t wait to try all yours bc massive wp fan

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