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  1. Tom

    Glad that you shared this – I’m currently working on one of my own (it’s constantly in draft status 😉 but I dig seeing what the rest of you guys are using, too.

  2. Pete

    Nice post, my application stack is pretty similar. I had to upgrade my MAMP to MAMP Pro when I upgraded to Lion because of some problems I ran into. Codekit is really amazing. Do you drop a git init on all your projects, local, professional, etc? I did a similar write up a couple weeks ago. http://peteschuster.com/2012/07/my-workflow-and-application-stack/

    Checking out Happy now, are you accepting pull requests?

  3. Deryk

    I used to use Code (before Coda 2 came out) and I moved to PHPStorm IDE. It’s pretty fast and solid and I really like it. It is a true IDE so does autocomplete perfectly. In a future version it will recognize text in action hooks. For theme development Coda 2 is probably better, but once you start to do complex plugin development a true php IDE is probably best.

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  5. Chris Demetriad

    Does WP Syntax work with Coda 2 then? :O

  6. Ryan

    This is a great write up. I use a lot of the tools you listed (Actually, I believe I started using Alfred after you mentioned it before).

    I haven’t used CodeKit before, but it sounds very interesting. How does it fit into your workflow?

  7. andre

    I recommend free MySQL-manager for OSX – Valentina Studio, check it out if you haven’t tried it yet: http://www.valentina-db.com/valentina-studio-overvie

  8. Katie Allred

    Are you using a 13″ Macbook?

    1. Tom McFarlin

      For what it’s worth, I’m still using one, as well. I had a 2010, and then had to get a new one thanks to a, uh, coffee incident so now I run a mid-2012.

      Still the best machine I’ve owned (especially with an external monitor).

      And I agree with Brian. If you can splurge to upgrade the RAM, then go for it – especially if you do a lot of video / media intensive work.

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